“Women Talking”

Academy Award Winner: Best Adapted Screenplay, Nominated for Best Picture


Thurs (4/6) 2:00 + 7:00
Fri (4/7) 1:30 + 4:00
Sat (4/8) 1:30 + 4:00
Sun (4/9) 1:30 + 6:00


  • $9.50 Adults
  • $8.50 Seniors and Students


Do nothing. Stay and fight. Or leave. In 2010, the women of an isolated religious community grapple with reconciling a brutal reality with their faith.


Quietly, confidently and without fanfare, Polley has made the first piece of great post-MeToo cinema. What it depicts, and a homogenising hashtag doesn’t, is that there is no singular response to abuse.

Jessie Thompson, Independent (UK)

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