Wild Beauty: Mustang Spirit of the West


Thurs (7/27) 5:00
Fri (7/28) 8:00
Sat (7/29) 8:00
Sun (7/30) 2:00


  • $9.50 Adults
  • $8.50 Seniors + Students


An immersive journey into the world of wild horses, Wild Beauty Mustang Spirit of the West illuminates both the profound beauty and desperate plight currently faced by the wild horses in the Western United States. Fast disappearing and on a path toward eradication, wild horses in America are caught in a divisive battle over land and special interests. Rounded up by helicopters, losing their natural habitat, and separated from their families – wild horses are in danger of fading away into history. Filmmaker Ashley Avis and crew go on a multi-year expedition to uncover the truth in hopes to protect them, before wild horses disappear forever.

Rating: NR
Run Time: 1 Hour 39 minutes


“A passionate exploration of the plight of the magnificent horses still running free in the American Southwest and critique of the government’s failure to enforce its own mandate to protect them from harm.”

– Frank Swietek, One Guy’s Opinion

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