Short Film Double Feature: Hispanic Film Festival 2022


Thurs (9/22) 7:00
Sun (9/25) 2:00


  • $9.50 Adult

  • $8.00 Seniors

  • $5.00 Students

“First Time Home”
Directed and shot by young people who are Indigenous Triqui, second-generation immigrants: Noemi Librado Sanchez, Heriberto Ventura, Esmirna Librado, and Esmeralda Ventura. This is their story, told as they wish to tell it. When the four cousins learned their grandfather in Mexico was gravely ill, they traveled from their immigrant community in California to their family’s ancestral village in Oaxaca for the first time. The teenagers recorded video letters to share with their parents and other relatives in the U.S., who are farm-workers and have not seen their relatives in Mexico in over 15 years. Through a mixture of Spanish, Triqui, and English, they got to know their grandparents, aunts and uncles. In the midst of border politics and violence, the group of cousins forged a link across thousands of miles, developing a newfound pride in their indigenous immigrant identity and a new understanding of the meaning of family.
Run Time: 29 minutes

“Chuj Boys of Summer”
Speaking neither Spanish nor English, an ingenuous Guatemalan teenager begins his new life in a small Rocky Mountain town. A story of friendship, hope, and home.
Run Time: 17 minutes

Presented by the JMU Honors College

Rating: Not Rated
Total Run Time: 47 minutes
Language: Spanish and Indigenous Languages with English Subtitles

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