Basics of Painting with Kaydee Pickle

part of the 2024 ACT ONE Master Class Series


Tues (10/29) 5:30 – 8:30pm


  • This Class is FREE but Registration is required. Spaces limited, click the red “GET TICKETS” button to register today!


This workshop guides aspiring artists through painting techniques and inspiration, fostering creativity and confidence on the canvas in a fun, stress-free environment!


Roanoke native Kaydee Pickle is always adding plenty of color wherever she pops up! Her favorite is purple, but she pledges unending allegiance to the whole spectrum. Before the age of four, she began cultivating skills toward creating a life of art. Receiving countless awards and 1st place honors throughout her school years, Kaydee now naturally thrives in a wide spectrum of artistry. Her passion is poured into both 2 and 3 dimensional artwork. Through her business, The Heartworks Company, she offers everything from murals, interactive installations, landscape, portrait, and abstract art, sculpture, collage work, cardmaking, to restoration, concept pieces, juried work, and event aesthetics. This range is accomplished with her knowledgeable utilization of a wide variety of mixed-media. Kaydee offers group instruction through the original Paint Nite as well as one-on-one art lessons, and enjoys bringing her talents to local schools and rehabilitation centers. Before starting her business, Kaydee served as the Art Director behind the region’s beloved Happiness and Harmony Music and Arts Festival in the 2010’s. These days she is always especially joyful about sharing a piece of her heART with everyone at Paint Nite!

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